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Furman & Furman Architects is a  New York based practice established by Joseph J. Furman in 1923.  Lawrence H. Furman joined the firm in 1949 and Richard J. Furman, AIA became a principal in 1986. Many years of inter generational design work allows for us to provide client-centric architectural services rooted in experience. 

Our projects bridge the gap between client's desires and the rich existing site conditions in our ever evolving NYC and Northeast region. Our design focuses in translating the values and aspirations of our clients to enhance the built environment through thoughtful design considerations. 

We collaborate closely with engineers, interior designers and various other consultants to provide well coordinated architectural schemes. We listen to our clients, we consider how people move through a space; how materials feel and how they endure with time and how natural & artificial light bring life to those spaces. 

Currently, we are working on residential projects and designs for community, sports and health care facilities. Our portfolio also contains retail and commercial work, art cinemas and movie houses as well as corporate interiors. 

Furman & Furman Architects is a full service Architectural Design studio in NYC with a wide portfolio of projects from small high end residential to commercial developments. FFA collaborates with wide range of consultants such as interior designers, lighting designers, electrical, mechanical & structural engineers to execute holistic design. 


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